Board of Directors

Harry E. Came
Harry has been a resident of Waukegan for 26 years and has loved five old houses in the Near North Historic District. After many years of getting up at 4:00 am and the last fifteen years in a family manufacturing business, he now commutes a few blocks to his antique shop on Grand Ave—unless something more important comes up. He loves antiques, old houses, and his friends at the Waukegan Historical Society.

Treasurer, Immediate Past President
Dennis Moisio
Dennis has spent most of his adult life in Waukegan, is married with children and grandchildren in the area. He has been, and is, involved in a number of community organizations. Although Waukegan is considered a city, he likes its small town feel and its variety of fascinating individual as well as community stories. He sees the Historical Society filling the important role of preserving and retelling these stories, and he is pleased to be a part of that effort.

Vice President
Josh Bill
Originally born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, Josh has lived in Waukegan for the past eight years. During that time, he fell in love with history of Waukegan, and he has a particular flare for industrial, immigration and ethnic histories of this community. As a US history teacher at Waukegan High School, many of his students use the Raymond Research Library throughout the year to work on their Chicago Metro History Fair Projects. Over the last two years, three groups of students have taken their projects to compete in the National History Day competition in Washington, D.C. He is happy to serve the Waukegan Historical Society that has helped with this process.

Recording/Corresponding Secretary

Gail Dever
Gail is a native of Lake County. She grew up, on Bluff Lake, outside of Antioch. Her husband Tom is a life resident of Waukegan. After a twelve year stay in Arizona, for school and work, they returned to Waukegan thirty-two years ago. Gail, Tom and their three grown children share an interest in the rich history and a love for our hometown.


Patrick Cosgrove

Matt Crabb
I was raised in Chicago and moved to Waukegan in 1998 continuing what remains a long career as a mechanician, nurturing  a fascination with history, large and small, with special regard for what lurks in old photographs. I was delighted to co-author with Ed Link, the Arcadia issue of Waukegan in their Images of America series in 2000 and am pleased to call home our Near North Historic District.

Ellen Frew
Ellen has been a lifelong resident of Waukegan and finds history of the community to be compelling. She dabbles in genealogy and gets sidetracked reading history of a particular era. Her AB is in economics and her MA in elementary education. She serves on a number of boards.

Mary Goljenboom Mary (Meg) has lived in Waukegan for more than twenty-five years. She is a historical researcher by profession.

Chris Lanning

Vicki Mattson

Jim Maguire
Jim and his wife June are life-long residents of Waukegan and North Chicago. They reside in the family home that his grandparents built in 1915. Jim has always had an interest in the history of Waukegan and the lakefront. His family was in the commercial fishing business in the Waukegan harbor for 1894 until 1960.

Douglas Stiles

updated December 2016

Board Reports

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