Board of Directors

Josh Bill
Josh fell in love with Waukegan when he moved here in 2004. He has a particular flare for industrial, immigration and ethnic histories of this community. As a US history teacher at Waukegan High School, many of his students use the Raymond Research Library throughout the year to work on their Chicago Metro History Fair Projects. Over the last ten years, six groups of students have taken their projects to compete in the National History Day competition in Washington, D.C. He is happy to serve the Waukegan Historical Society that has helped with this process.

Immediate Past President
Harry E. Came
Harry has been a resident of Waukegan for over 30 years and has loved five old houses in the Near North Historic District. After many years of getting up at 4:00 am and the last fifteen years in a family manufacturing business, he now commutes a few blocks to his antique shop on Grand Ave—unless something more important comes up. He loves antiques, old houses, and his friends at the Waukegan Historical Society.

Vice President
Chris Lanning
Chris has been a lifelong resident of Waukegan. Chris and his partner currently own one of Waukegan’s most recognized historical landmarked homes on Sheridan Road. Chris has been active in the community for many years and hopes to continue for many years. Chris spent eighteen years volunteering for a non-profit 501 (c) (3) and brings some of that experience to the society. He finds history to be a critical part of everyday life and something that should be remembered for years to come.

Patrick Cosgrove
Pat grew up on the southwest side of Chicago, went to Loyola University of Chicago as an undergraduate, and completed his graduate studies at Rice University in Texas as well as Northeastern Illinois University.  He taught high school at St. Gregory's on the north side of Chicago, and Fremd in Palatine before coming to Waukegan High School in 1993.  Pat sings with the 1st Presbyterian Church's Westminster Choir.  His favorite hobby is bicycling, having biked to and from Maine, Richmond VA (numerous times), biked back from Portland OR and Stanford CT; he has also biked the Florida Keys and Ireland.

Vicki Dixon Mattson
Vicki was raised in Waukegan from the age of five, growing up on the north side and still living in the same general area today.  She says “Waukegan is my home and it is where I attended school, scooped the loop, married and stayed to raise my family”.  She has retired from the school transportation industry, which allows her more time to study history and genealogy.  She is currently on the board of the Zion Genealogy Society and enjoys the times she has volunteered at the Waukegan Historical Society’s Cemetery Walk and the Tour of Homes.

Directors (Listed in alphabetical order)

Jennifer Berzin
Jennifer has been a volunteer and summer intern at the Waukegan History Museum for many years and is delighted to serve on the Board of Directors of the historical society. She sees this as another great opportunity in her career. She currently works at the Waukegan Public Library and has always had an interest in history, particularly the history of her hometown.

Margaret Capitani
Margaret is a life-long Waukegan resident who had the privilege of working for the City of Waukegan in the Water Department for many years. The job gave me an intimate look at the different architectural styles of houses that are in Waukegan.  Reading various books published by the Historical Society added to my appreciation of Waukegan's past.  I became a member of the Historical Society after viewing a Cemetery Walk.  Since then, I have participated in the event as either an actress or a docent.  

Matt Crabb
Matt was raised in Chicago and moved to Waukegan in 1998 continuing what remains a long career as a mechanic and nurturing a fascination with history, large and small. Matt has a special regard for what lurks in old photographs. He was delighted to co-author with Ed Link, the Arcadia issue of Waukegan in their Images of America series in 2000 and is pleased to call home our Near North Historic District.

Mary Goljenboom Mary (Meg) has lived in Waukegan for more than thirty years. She is a historical researcher by profession.

Lori Nerheim
Lori spent her formative years growing up in Waukegan and has lived in Lake County nearly her entire life. She is a graduate of Lake Forest College with a degree in Art History. After retiring as an owner of a global consulting firm, she returned to give back to the community by co-founding the Waukegan Arts Council, which serves as the umbrella arts and cultural organization for Waukegan. Lori served on the executive leadership team for 7 years, including as chair. In 2016, Lori was honored with the Jack Benny Arts & Humanities Award by the Waukegan Park District. She serves on the Ray Bradbury Statue Committee, which is working to commemorate Bradbury's legacy with a sculpture on the grounds of the Library. Lori has a strong connection to Waukegan and an interest in the history that helped to shape it. 

Sandy Pokett
Sandy is a lifelong Waukegan resident.  Her maternal great-grandfather, a blacksmith in England, brought the family to Waukegan in the 1890s, where he went to work in the wire mill.  On her father’s side, family came from Minnesota in the late 1920s, finding work available building Route 120.  Sandy has participated in the Oakwood Cemetery Walk for many years, learning more each year about Waukegan’s amazing history.  She is very pleased to have joined the board.  “This is a great opportunity for me to learn so much more, while helping to support and grow the WHS,” she says.

Maryfran Troha

Board Reports

Annual Report 2016-2017 (pdf)

Annual Report 2015-2016 (pdf)

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